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Digital Humanities Research Collaboration

Sub-project 1: Digital Library and Virtual Museum

The Humanities have an essential responsibility over against the research community and society at large to preserve and reconstruct our cultural memory. Digital Humanities approaches allow the Humanities to assume that memory function via digital libraries and virtual museums built in a previously unimaginable quality and scale and capable of reaching an almost global audience. Sub-project 1: Digital Library and Virtual Museum has the task of implementing this approach with historical text corpora and archaeological objects. The resulting research will be innovative, since it represents a change of focus away from canonical works of art towards highly diverse cultures. Large corpora and considerable amounts of data, instead of individual phenomena, are now the object to be understood. By broadening historical-philological and qualitative methods with the addition of data-oriented methods, comprehensive amounts of data, statistical analysis and formal modelling, entirely new possibilities of recovering cultural memory are opened up.

Our project partner fullfilling their own sub- research projects are: