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Digitization and Computational Analytics (DCA)

The CampusLab "Digitisation and Computational Analysis in the Humanities and Social Sciences" is a cross-institutional and inter-departmental unit which is concerned with the development of innovative digital methods for the Humanities and Social Sciences with a focus on data analytics. It aims to bridge the gap between the Humanities/Social Sciences on the one hand and Computer Science/the Natural Sciences on the other hand. The DCA currently comprises four research areas (Text, 3D, GIS, and Visualisation) and is coordinated by the GCDH.

Speaker: Prof. Caroline Sporleder
Coordinator: Rafael Maria Raschkowski

Papendiek 16
37073 Göttingen

Office: 1.111
Phone: +49 551 39 21490

Pilot Phase (2016-2017)

In its pilot phase, the Campuslab helped to kickstart digital methods research across a broad spectrum of disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences through 10 pilot projects, ranging from sentiment analysis for political speeches and election manifestos over geographical information systems for tracing the cultural development of historical spaces to mining 3D models of archaeological artefacts. Four lab areas were established, covering the areas Text, 3D, Space, and Visualisation.

Consolidation Phase (from 2018)

While the pilot phase was dedicated to establishing a broad basis of computational methods research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the consolidation phase focuses on further strengthening cross-disciplinary collaboration within the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as reaching out to the Natural and Computer Sciences. This is achieved through a variety of measures, including a fellowship programme, which enables early-career researchers to spend some time in Göttingen in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of local scholars. In addition to the lab areas established in the pilot phase, the Campuslab will branch out into areas such as audio-video processing, digital image analysis, and network analysis with methods ranging from speech recognition over computer vision to multi-spectral imaging.



The Campuslab organises a regular Brown Bag Lunch Meeting and occasionally talks and workshops. To be updated about the activities of the Campuslab please subscribe to the mailing list at:

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