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Classical Archaeology and its Digital Methods

Digital Classical Archaeology investigates methods for digitalizing, analyzing, and visualizing cultural assets and objects in collections.

Digital methods are used not only in recording, documenting, and processing data related to images and objects, but also in subsequent analysis, reconstruction, and presentation. The focus is on procedures for image processing, 3D digitalization, and structuring data in databases and collection management systems, quantifying methods and network analysis, pattern recognition and object mining, 3D modeling and visualization, augmented reality, and virtual reconstructions and museums.

The 3D Campus Lab at Göttingen also conducts basic and methodological research. In addition to practical aspects such as the use of established software or the adaptation and further development of specific applications, emphasis is also placed on theoretical depth. In general, we search for suitable procedures for structuring, presenting, and analyzing image and object data and seek to determine which digital tools are useful for describing and interpreting the patterns and processes of historical societies.