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Digital Humanities Research Collaboration

Sub-project 2: Internet and Society

The focus of the "Internet and Society" project is to investigate how the ubiquity of digital technologies shapes and is shaped by social and political practices and to promote the use of digital tools and techniques within social science research. Three research institutes participate in this project by focusing on the following areas of inquiry:

Institute of Political Science, University of Göttingen

Prof. Andreas Busch and Yana Breindl from the Institute of Political Science investigate Internet content regulation in liberal democracies by carrying out a comparative public policy analysis. Read more...


Institute for Sociology, University of Göttingen and Sociological Research Institute (SOFI)

Prof. Volker Wittke†, Marco Schmitt and Heidi Hanekop from the Institute for Sociology and Sociological Research Institute focus on implications of Internet technologies for scientific publications, the development of new research practices within scientific collaboration networks, and how research diversity is effected by the ongoing changes. Read more...


Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

Norbert Winnige, Jens Ludwig and Susanne Friese provide expertise to the Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity as well as to the collaboration network as a whole on digital tools and methods for performing scientific research. Read more...


As part of the research collaboration, the Institute of Political Science and the Sociological Research Institute organised theinterdisciplinary lecture series on "Internet & Society" since October 2012. Its objective is to raise awareness for and provide a forum to discuss the social, technological and political interactions of the Internet and society.