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Tillmann Dönicke

Researcher, PhD Student


Current Projects

Specialist Fields

  • information processing, esp. for digital humanities
  • formal semantics and logics
  • linguistic typology, esp. syntax


  • 2017–2020: Computational Linguistics (M.Sc.), University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2017–2018: Linguistics (exchange year), National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • 2014–2017: Natural Language Processing (B.Sc.), University of Stuttgart, Germany


  • Hanna Varachkina, Stefan Ziehe, Tillmann Dönicke, and Franziska Pannach (2020). "#GCDH at WNUT-2020 Task 2: BERT-Based Models for the Detection of Informativeness in English COVID-19 Related Tweets". In Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text. VIEW
  • Tillmann Dönicke (2020). "Clause-Level Tense, Mood, Voice and Modality Tagging for German". In Proceedings of the 19th Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories. VIEW
  • Tillmann Dönicke (2020). "Evaluation of Complex Typological Universals with Language Vectors and Real-Valued Logics". Master's thesis, University of Stuttgart. VIEW
  • Tillmann Dönicke, Florian Lux, and Matthias Damaschk (2019). "Multiclass Text Classification on Unbalanced, Sparse and Noisy Data". In Proceedings of the First NLPL Workshop on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing. VIEW