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Past Events – 2017


Brown Bag Lunch / Campuslabor Digitalisierung

|   Brown Bag Lunch

Papendiek 16 (GCDH), Seminarraum 1.

Presentation: Heinke Syring & Alexander Syring: "Collaboration Platform LingLab"

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Master Class "Digital Text Analysis with DiaCollo"

DiaCollo is an open-source software tool which was explicitly developed in the context of the CLARIN project for the efficient extraction, comparison,...

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GCDH Evening Lecture: Bryan Jurish (BBAW Berlin): Exploring diachronic collocations with DiaCollo

|   Evening Lecture

GCDH, Papendiek 16, Göttingen.

Abstract: J. R. Firth's much-quoted principle that "you shall know a word by the company it keeps" has had...

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Lecture: Mareike König (Paris): Digital bedingte Änderungen unserer Wissenschaftskultur, oder: wie Digital Humanities den Elfenbeinturm erschüttern

|   Lecture

GCDH, Papendiek 16, Göttingen. Abstract: Die Debatten um Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Digital Humanities oder der Humanities Computing, wie sie bis...

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