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Campuslab-Area: Space

This lab addresses the issues of space in the broader sense and brings together people who are working on  projects that have to do with digital mapping. These projects span time and space, and aim in many instances to layer varieties of social data, movement, and temporal change to create visualizations of road or travel in historical times. The maps created by the lab are research tools and are used as such. The lab aims to promote new ways of understanding by using a spatiotemporal approach.


"Die Erschließung des Staatsgebietes"

Die Erschließung des Staatsgebiets: Chausseebau in Nordwestdeutschland 1764-1843   The project’s goal was to clarify how the administration of road construction has functioned in the focus area, by means of providing geographical contextualization for enhanced historico-cultural interpretation. The method developed converted road and landmark objects from historical maps and archived texts to digital contemporary maps. A corpus of GIS maps is developed and presented online.


Principal Investigators:

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Kappas (Geography)
  • Prof. Dr. Arnd Reitemeier (Historische Landesforschung)
  • Dr. Stefan Erasmi (Geography)
  • Dr. Niels Petersen (Historische Landesforschung)


  • Dr. Mauricio Nicolas Vergara (Campuslab Fellow, GCDH & Historische Landesforschung)