Digital History

The GCDH engages in Digital History, the use of digital media and methods for historical analysis and research. One of the early projects hosted at the GCDH was the Semantic Blumenbach project in History of Science within the Lower Saxony Digital Humanities Research Collaboration (completed 2015). Another project supported by GCDH is on a "GIS-Based Approach for the Study of Avalanche Incidents in the Alps during the First World War." by Mauricio Nicolas Vergara (2015/17/18). Maurico  came first as a CENDARI fellow in 2015 and continued as a guest researcher in 2017/18. Within the Campuslab the project by Niels Petersen and Arnd Reitemeier "Die Erschließung des Staatsgebietes. Chausseebau in Nordwestdeutschland 1764-1843" was conducted in 2017/18 and also has a strong GIS related aspect. The project’s goal was to clarify how the administration of road construction has functioned in the focus area, by means of providing geographical contextualization for enhanced historico-cultural interpretation.  Furthermore Jörg Wettlaufer maintains a Digital History Blog and conducts research in the area of historical information extraction, reference management and retrieval. He also supports the Data for History Initiative and prepares a conference on Digital History at Göttingen/GCDH (2019).    


Bildergebnis für Historische Karte