The Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH) is involved in a number of projects. Several projects are in the planning phase. Projects already under way include:

Campuslab DCA

Digitization and computer-assisted analysis in the humanities and social sciences / Digitalisierung und computergestützte Analytik in den Geistes- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften (DCA)


AsymEnc is an interdisciplinary research project which brings together historians, digital humanists and computational linguists from the University Utrecht (Joris van Eijnatten), University College London (Ulrich Tiedau) and Trier/Göttingen University (Caroline Sporleder). It is funded for a…


The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) Project is a large international enterprise with the aim to enhance and support digitally-enabled research across the Arts and Humanities.


eTRACES is project undertaken in collaboration with the Natural Language Processing team at Leipzig University and the GESIS: Leibniz Institute of Social Science in Mannheim. It will use text-mining methods to identify and analyse re-use of earlier texts in later social science and literary texts.…


The PALAMEDES Project aims to create a critical edition of two important mediaeval manuscripts featuring newly discovered and unexplored Greek texts: new fragments by Euripides and an unknown ancient commentary on Aristotle. Both texts, being overwritten when the parchment pages were reused…


CENDARI (Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure) is a research collaboration aimed at integrating digital archives and resources for research on medieval and modern European history.

DH at the Göttingen Research Campus

Digital Humanities has a tradition at the Göttingen Research Campus, which, of course, predates the GCDH. Here is a list of other ongoing Digital Humanities and relevant other projects.

CLARIN-D: Sources of the New

From 1 February 2015 to 31 January 2016, the GCDH will be hosting the CLARIN-D Curation Project "Sources of the New: Factual and scientific knowledge for amateurs and experts from the Enlightenment to Modernism" ("Quellen des Neuen: Realkundliches und naturwissenschaftliches Wissen für Dilettanten…

Digital Humanities Research Collaboration (DHFV)

Funded for three years by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Research and Culture as part of the “Lower Saxony Advance” (Niedersächsisches Vorab) of the Volkswagen Foundation (VolkswagenStiftung), the Digital Humanities Research Collaboration has the aim to visibly establish Digital Humanities in the…

eTRAP Nachwuchsgruppe

eTRAP (electronic Text Reuse Acquisition Project) is an Early Career Research Group funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The research group, starting on 1st March 2015, runs for four years and supports four full-time researchers and eight student assistants.

Digital Text Analysis Working Group

The digital text analysis working group brings together a group of interdisciplinary researchers fortnightly at the GCDH to discuss and better understand these new approaches. The typical format consists of one participant presenting some tool or method from their own research, followed by intense…