Maret Keller

Researcher, CLARIN-D

Dr. Maret Keller studied cultural studies at the universities of Kiel, Oviedo and Frankfurt (Oder). The emphasis of her studies lay on "Knowledge, Communication, Society"; she examined the history of data protection and compared the discursive traditions of Europe and the Andes. In 2008 she joined an interdisciplinary team of junior researchers at the University of Heidelberg investigating "Cultures in Dialogue in the Andean World".

In her doctoral thesis, completed in 2013, she studied influences of and on a religious order, and internal changes undergone by it, during the emergence of colonial society in Central and South America.

Maret has been working at the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research as coordinator of the CLARIN-D working group on Modern History since July 2014. In February 2015, she began work on the CLARIN-D Curation Project "Sources of the New" ("Quellen des Neuen").