John McEwan

CENDARI Visiting Research Fellow

John McEwan BA (University of Western Ontario), MA PhD (Royal Holloway, University of London) specializes in the political, social and cultural history of medieval Britain. His research focuses on social organization, local government, and visual culture in London, c.1100-1350. He is also interested in the digital humanities and is involved in a number of projects that investigate the application of electronic data management tools, including geographic information systems, to the analysis of medieval sources (DigiSig). His recent awards include the John Brockway Huntington Foundation Fellowship, the Collaborative European Archive Infrastructure Transnational Fellowship, and the Durham University IMEMS Library Fellowship. He has also previously contributed to major projects supported by national funding agencies, including the UK's Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy. Among his recent publications are: Seals in Medieval London, 1050-1300: A Catalogue (London Record Society, 2016), ‘The challenge of the visual: making medieval seals accessible in the digital age’, Journal of Documentation, vol. 71, iss. 5 (2015), and 'The politics of financial accountability: auditing the chamberlain in London c.1298-1349', in Hiérarchie des Pouvoirs, Délégation de Pouvoir et Responsabilité des Administrateurs dans L’Antiquité et au Moyen Âge (2012). His current book project is concerned with the formation, articulation and expression of collective identities in thirteenth-century London.