Gimena del Rio Riande

CENDARI Visiting Research Fellow

PhD in Romance Philology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) with a critical edition of King Dinis of Portugal’s Songbook (Texto y contxto: El Cancionero del rey Don Denis de Portugal: estudio filológico, edición crítica y anotación. Summa cum Laude). Researcher at the Seminario de Edicion y Crítica Textual (SECRIT-IIBICRIT) of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina and External professor at LINHD-UNED (Madrid). She gives courses on Romance Philology and Digital Humanities at the University of Buenos Aires and LINHD. Her main academic interests deal with the scholarly edition and study of the Medieval lyrical poetry and the development, use and methodologies of scholarly digital tools. She has been working since 2013 on the creation of a Digital Humanities community in Argentina and is nowadays the vicepresident of the Asociación Argentina de Humanidades Digitales (AAHD). She organized the I National Conference on Digital Humanities in Buenos Aires last year. She coordinates the argentinian digital projects Diálogo Medieval (Medieval Dialogue Poetry) and Methodologies of Digital Tools applied to Social Sciences and Humanities  at CAICYT-CONICET, and is part of the Spanish digital projects Repertorio Digital de la Métrica Medieval Castellana (ReMetCa) and Bibliografía de Escritoras Españolas, BIESES, among others.