Anu Mänd

CENDARI Reseach fellow

Dr. Anu Mänd is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of History of Tallinn University. She is the leader of an interdisciplinary research project IUT18-8 “The Making of Livonia: Actors, Institutions and Networks in the Medieval and Early Modern Baltic Sea Region”, which runs from 2014 to 2019 and is financed by the Estonian Research Council. She holds a PhD in Medieval Studies from the Central European University (2000). She has published several monographs, including Urban Carnival: Festive Culture in the Hanseatic Cities of the Eastern Baltic, 1350–1550 (Brepols, 2005). Her research interests are in the social and cultural history of the Late Middle Ages. Her project as a CENDARI fellow with the GCDH is aimed at creating a database of women and their testaments in Late Medieval Livonia and Northern Germany (in particular, Tallinn and Lübeck) and at conducting research on the gender aspects of Late Medieval culture of commemoration.

Research project: "Lay Women and the Culture of Commemoration in Northern Germany and Livonia (c. 1450 - c. 1530)"