The Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH) is currently planning a series of services in the field of Digital Humanities. The services will be aimed at, but not exclusive to, the Göttingen Research Campus and range from general consulting work to concrete organisation, coordination, implementation and support of interdisciplinary research projects in the field of Digital Humanities and its applications.

Please do contact us at ed.hdcg@ofni, if you are interested in any of the services below!


At the GCDH we have the know-how and experience in Digital Humanities research and project work. We can also help with project planning, proposals, and implementation in Digital Humanities projects or projects with a Digital Humanities aspect.


Research that makes use of digital technologies and methods is at the heart of the GCDH. In addition of the projects we are undertaking and collaborating with, we also organise working groups (see, for example, the Digital text analysis working group), seminars, and talks to foster the inter-disciplinary dialogue at the Göttingen Research Campus.


The GCDH has the task to coordinate activities in the area of Digital Humanities at the Göttingen Research Campus. If you are teaching, researching, or organising any event in that area, please do contact us at ed.hdcg@ofni. We can help you by networking and publicising such activities.