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The Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH) hosted Göttingen’s first THATCamp in September 2014.  The Humanities and Technology Camp (THATCamp) is an informal conference bringing people together who are interested in humanities and technology. As an ‘unconference’ the programme is put together by the participants during the event itself. However, informal does not mean disorganised but hands-on, interactive and of course, fun! 

THATCamp Göttingen took place on 22 – 23 September 2014. It is being organised as a pre-conference event of the 50th Convention of German Historian’s Historikertag, one of Europe’s largest humanities conferences. As well as historians, we welcome all humanities researchers, regardless of discipline and of how ‘digital’ you are.

There are many examples of THATCamps that have taken place around the world as well as several in Europe including Luxembourg (2012), Paris (2012), Ghent (2013) and The Hague (2014). 

 Here are some examples of the types of sessions that you can expect:

THATCamp Göttingen is open to anyone with an interest and enthusiasm for the humanities or technology and ideally both! It would be great to see developers, computer and information scientists there, as well as librarians and archivists too. Everyone is welcome!

THATCamp Göttingen will took place in Heyne-Haus, our beautiful building in the centre of Göttingen. Due to our space capacity, we expected to be able to welcome up to 70 participants. As our expected audience is likely to be primarily German-language speakers, we anticipate that THATCamp Göttingen will be a German-language event. However, there will be the possibility of holding sessions in English, of course!

More information, including registration, are available on the THATCampGoettingen website.  

We thank the participants of THATCamp Göttingen!

 Jörg Wettlaufer and Sally Chambers, on behalf of the Organisation Team