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GCDH Evening Lecture: Frederik Elwert (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): "Structures and Semantics. Using digital humanities methods to study religion"

Religious studies as a discipline has been influenced by both the humanities and the social sciences. As a result of this methodological diversity, a series of different approaches from the digital humanities are promising for the study of religions.

Brown Bag Lunch - Topic: "Personal Digital Libraries (PDL)"

The Brown Bag Lunch is an informal meeting to exchange ideas and news on Digital Humanities and the opportunity to meet other researchers from the Campus labs. It will take place as usual in the Seminar room of the Heyne Haus.

GCDH Evening Lecture: Prof. Tobias Schreck (TU Graz): 3D Similarity Search and Object Restoration - Research and Applications in Virtual Archaeology

3D object data is an important data type to describe object shape, with many applications in fields including mechanical engineering, simulation and visualization, architecture or archaeology.

Lecture: Christopher Johnson (UBL) & Jörg Wettlaufer (GCDH/ADWG): PANDORA LOD Ecosystem, Paris, France.

Presentation of the PANDORA LOD Ecosystem at the conference, FIAP Jean Monnet, 30, rue de Cabanis, 75014 Paris.

Corpus based Research in the Humanities. Conference Vienna 25-26 January 2018

Call for Papers ends on October 8th. For more information see at