The new structural changes of the public sphere

Dr. Jan-Hinrik Schmidt vom Hans-Bredow-Institut Hamburg wird im Rahmen der interdisziplinären Vortragsreihe "Internet & Gesellschaft" einen Vortrag zum Thema "Der neue Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit" halten.

Datum: Tuesday, 22.01.2013
Uhrzeit: 12:15 - 13:45 Uhr
Ort: Oeconomicum der Universität Göttingen, room 0.211

The internet in general and social media in particular contribute to profound structural changes in public spheres: The rise of personal publics, the convergence of conversation and publication, and paradoxies of participation and control are some of the trends we can observe. The talk will discuss these shifts from the perspective of sociology of communication, explaining how individual practices are framed by new comunication spaces and what consequences can be observed on a meso and macro level.

The presentation is available here.