Text Reuse Workshop at DH Estonia 2015

Workshop on 21st of October @ Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu, Estonia

The Conference on translingual and transcultural digital humanities [http://www.folklore.ee/dh/en/events/dh_conference_estonia_2015/]//is hosting a one-day Text Reuse Workshop for participants interested in learning more about semi-automatic detection of text reuse in digital textual corpora. The workshop builds on eTRAP’s research activities, some of which deploy Marco Büchler’s TRACER tool. TRACER is a suite of algorithms aimed at investigating text reuse in multifarious corpora, be those prose, poetry, in Arabic or Estonian. TRACER provides researchers with statistical information about the texts under investigation and its integrated reuse visualiser, the TRACER Debugger, displays occurrences of text reuse in a more readable format for further study.
This workshop seeks to teach participants to independently understand, use and run the TRACER tool on their own data-sets.

For further information please visit http://etrap.gcdh.de/?p=1152