Prof. Lucie Guibault: "Intellectual property rights' obstructions to text and data mining"

, 12:15 pm to

In the last few years, collections of digital text have strongly increased in number, especially in the field of humanities. Digital libraries of full-text documents, including digital editions of literary texts, are emerging as environments for the production, the management and the dissemination of complex annotated corpora. The potential of Text and Data Mining (TDM) technology is enormous. If encouraged, TDM can become an everyday tool used for the discovery of knowledge, to create significant benefits for industry, citizens and governments. Because TDM involves certain acts of reproduction and communication to the public of (parts of) the texts in the collections, the enforcement of copyright and database rights in the collections may constitute a serious obstacle to the use of this new technology for the benefit of science.  The intellectual property implications of the use of TDM has been brought to the fore at the European level, where TDM was declared one of the four topics needing further discussion in the context of the structured stakeholder dialogue led by the European Commission.

The presentation will explain how copyright and database rights can be used to restrict TDM and how discussions are evolving on this issue at the European level.

Lucie Guibault is professor at the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam.

The talk will take place at the Großer Seminarraum der SUB, Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1.