Prof. Hugh Craig, "Middle-distance Reading with Information-theory Metrics"

, 6:00 pm to

Prof. Hugh Craig, from the University of Newcastle in Australia, will give a talk in conjunction with the "Stylometry with R" workshop in Seminarraum 1 in the Heyne Haus.

"A gulf has opened up between the mainstream methods of literary studies -- involving a mixture of a more or less close reading of a limited group of whole works, together with reading or scanning shorter samples, and consulting other scholars' commentaries -- and distant reading, which uses quantitative textual or bibliometric data, where there is in effect no limit to the works included, and where in principle projects may be completed without any reading at all. In this paper I offer an example of a middle way in which some distant reading methods are used, but where the corpus focuses on a specific form and period, and where the smaller scale provides the opportunity to compare the statistical results with existing commentary, and with fresh readings of the texts or parts of them, directed by the patterns that are highlighted by the tests."

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