6th Hildesheim Göttingen workshop on CL & DH

, 10:00 am to

Universität Hildesheim, Bühler-Campus, Room LN004
Lüneburger Str. - 31141 Hildesheim

Programme: (PDF)


10:00-10:45 Anna Moskvina: Comparing Äpfel to Apfel: Impact of lemmatisation on Topic Models in German

10:45-11:30 Stefan Ziehe: Text, Image - Why Not Both? Better Sentiment Analysis with Latent Multimodal Mixing and Deep Learning Franziska Pannach: Russian Formalism in an African Dress – An Ontology of Southern African Folktales Mapped to Proppian Functions

11:30-11:55 Break

11:55-12:40 Simone Rebora: Absorbed in Good Reads. A computational approach for the study of online social reading

12:40-13:25 Josif Grabocka: Machine Learning in Digital Humanities: Exemplary applications

13:30-14:30 Lunch break

14:30-15:15 Thomas Mandl/Chanjong Im: Image processing for book illustrations:
Challenges for Machine Learning

ab 15:15 Treffen der PI GraKo Cultural Analytics