Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities - Stefan Jänicke, Judith Blumensteit et al: Visualizing the Results of Search Queries on Ancient Text Corpora with Tag Pies

, 5:00 pm to

Widely used and perceived as being fun, tag clouds are an important component in the social web to visualize summaries of textual data in an intuitive, lucid manner. Popular techniques like Wordle compute aesthetic layouts for a set of tags representing a specific data facet, but only few approaches are capable of visualizing multiple data facets. However, these approaches were not suitable for various research questions arisen from the digital humanities project eXChange , which explores the meaning and usage of specific terms in ancient texts. By introducing Tag Pies, we present a design that supports the humanities scholars in examining their questions and generating valueable hypotheses. Comparing it to concurring approaches, we evaluated the benefit of our design in a two-level case study with the collaborating humanities scholars.

Place: Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, Papendiek 16, 37073 Germany