Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities - Some principles for making of collaborative scholarly editions in digital form

, 5:00 pm to

Speaker: Peter Robinson, University of Saskatchewan/Canada

“Textual Communities” is a new system for managing and performing all aspects of an online collaborative scholarly editing project. It permits mounting of document images and offers page-by-page transcription and display, with the facility for project leaders to recruit and manage transcribers and other contributors, allocating and reviewing transcription work as it is done. Most distinctively, Textual Communities is built on a comprehensive model of scholarly editing, enabling both “document” (page-by-page) and “work” (intellectual structure, or “entity") views of the texts edited.  Accordingly, multiple texts of a single work, or part of a work (an entity) may be extracted and compared, using an embedded installation of CollateX. While completely conformant with Text Encoding Initiative guidelines, Textual Communities goes beyond TEI and XML in its ability to handle multiple overlapping hierarchies within texts. This talk will outline the thinking behind the development of Textual Communities, and show examples of its use by several major projects.

 Place: State and University Library, Papendiek 14, Vortragsraum