Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities - A Historical Geographic Information System (HGIS) of Nubia based on the William J. Bankes Archive (1815-1822)

, 5:00 pm to

Speaker: Daniele Salvoldi, Freie Universität Berlin/Germany

The William J. Bankes Archive, Dorchester, is an impressive collection of original material concerning the archaeological, anthropological and natural heritage of Nubia and was amassed in the years 1815-1822.
In the last two hundred years, many geo-human factors caused radical changes in the region. In a landscape almost untouched for centuries, the signs of the interactions between the ancient human communities and the natural environment were much clearer in Bankes’ times than now.
Digital humanities offer powerful tools to manage and visualize large amounts of data and GIS in particular is an effective form of relational database, where all items of data have a position on the earth.
The talk will present the methodology and the preliminary results of a research project that aims at a draft reconstruction of ancient Nubia based on the Bankes Archive. Archaeological, historical, natural history and ethnographic information extracted from the documents will be georeferenced in the GIS. Original maps, landscape views and epigraphic copies will also be made available on-line.

Place: State and University Library, Papendiek 14, Vortragsraum