Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities - Comparing Television Formats: Using Digital Tools for Cross-Cultural Analysis

, 5:00 pm to

Speaker: Edward Larkey, University of Maryland/U.S.

The talk summarizes the ongoing work of a research group on international television format adaptations in which digital tools are used to make cross-cultural comparisons of culturally specific similarities and differences between different national versions of the same scripted drama and comedy television series.  Using the concepts of cultural proximity, hybridization, and transnational localization, these tools will enable the researchers to compile, correlate, and visualize quantitative and qualitative data on the narrative structure, sequences, and content, while correlating these with camera shots, angles, and movements, music and scoring, dialog, lighting, and other aspects.  The goal is to define and depict a notion of television language that permits the inclusion of quantitative data into an interpretive analysis and comparison of two narratives.  The research will yield taxonomic information on current trends in cultural globalization through television format trade indicating a more polycentric model gradually supplanting the previously predominant center-periphery model.

Location: Academy of Sciences Göttingen, Conference Room, Theaterstr. 7, 37073 Göttingen