GCDH Evening Lecture: Prof. Tobias Schreck (TU Graz): 3D Similarity Search and Object Restoration - Research and Applications in Virtual Archaeology

, 6:15 pm to

3D object data is an important data type to describe object shape, with many applications in fields including mechanical engineering, simulation and visualization, architecture or archaeology.

Recent advances in 3D digitization technology allow the acquisition of 3D shape ranging from mobile, ad-hoc digitization to high-end mass digitization workflows. This leads to more 3D data becoming available, and allowing more applications to leverage 3D data. Specifically, also in Archaeology and History researchers can benefit from 3D technologies, e.g., for presentation of content to remote audiences, for conducting shape-based analysis and virtual restoration, and for long-term preservation of content. In this talk, we introduce methods for content-based similarity search in 3D object data, supporting the comparison, re-usage and exploration in 3D repositories. We also review results of the EU research project PRESIOUS (www.presious.eu), showing how similarity-based methods can help in Virtual Archaeology with reassembly and object completion tasks. We also outline a number of research opportunities for developing search technology with potential applications in Archaeological research.

Lecture will take place at the Archaeological Institute, Nikolausberger Weg 15, 37073 Göttingen in the lecture hall. For more Info on Prof. Schreck see: https://www.tugraz.at/institute/cgv/Schreck/


Tobias Schreck is a Professor with the Institute for Computer Graphic and Knowledge Visualization at Graz University of Technology, Austria. Between 2011 and 2015, he was an Assistant Professor with the Data Analysis and Visualization Group at University of Konstanz, Germany. Between 2007 and 2011 he was a Postdoc researcher and head of a junior research group on Visual Search and Analysis with Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Tobias Schreck obtained a PhD in Computer Science in 2006 from the University of Konstanz. He works in the area of Digital Libraries, with interests in 3D object retrieval and applications in cultural heritage. He was a PI in the EU FP7 Project PRESIOUS, developing methods for the completion of fragmented and eroded 3D objects of cultural heritage artifacts. He also works in the area of Visual Analytics, with research interests in techniques for time-oriented, high-dimensional and geospatial data. He has co-authored more than 140 peer-reviewed works, including articles in Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics Forum, and Computer Graphics and Applications. In 2017, he serves as a Paper Co-Chair for the IEEE VIS Conference on Visual Analytics Science and
Technology (2017), and the EG Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (2017).