Digital Text Analysis Working Group: Dr. Kepa Rodriguez, Design and prototype of a Help Desk System for EHRI: an Information Retrieval approach

, 2:00 pm to


User surveys of researchers and archivists realized at the EHRI project show that historians often find a significant amount of their archival sources not through finding aids, catalogs and research guides (online or not) but by talking directly to archivists.

In the case of very dispersed archival sources, an additional problem for researchers is to find the archival institution that can help them find useful material. That motivated the EHRI project to integrate an automatic helpdesk in the portal as a partial solution for this problem. This helpdesk should be able to interpret the user needs and compute the relevance of institutions to give help.

The talk will focus on the design process of the helpdesk. Some mathematical concepts, such as vector space or use of ranking functions will be introduced, making the content and discussion accessible for people without a technical background.

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