DH research seminar

, 4:00 pm to

Nigar Babayeva (Marmara University Istanbul, Turkey/ visiting research fellow@GCDH): "Muslim Intellectuals of Russia in the Political Life of the Ottoman Empire during the first decades of 20th century"

The presentation will be about 3 Turkic intellectuals (Yusuf Akçura, Ali Hüseyinzade, Ahmet Ağaoğlu) who were born in the second half of the 19th century in Tsarist Russia to concervative Muslim families. After receiving good secular and religious education, these 3 intellectuals were influenced by the ideas of the French nationalism. As the result of Russia's pan-Slavism and forced Russification of its minorities, they developed the ideology of pan-Turkism as the counter-argument. Due to constant pressures by the Russian government and constitutional reforms in the Ottoman Empire, the 3 of them eventually moved to Istanbul and cotinued to develope their ideas. They were very active in bringing the pan-Turkic consciousness to the wider Muslim public. At the end of WW1 and disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, they were very influencial in the establishing process of Turkey. Nigar will try to create a general overview of this development and the link between the ideas of nationalism and the establishment of the republic.

Place: Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, Papendiek 16, seminar room 1