Brown Bag Lunch: @GCDH

, 12:30 pm to

GCDH, Heyne Haus, Papendiek 16, 37073 Göttingen, Seminarraum 1.
Speakers: Mauricio N. Vergara, research fellow at the Campus Lab / Madeline Kaupert and Prof. Andreas Busch, PoliLab project at the Political Science Institute.

Mauricio N. Vergara: 
Setting the bases for the creation of the Historical GIS of the Hanseatic League road network and for the geo-historical analysis of that trading network

With the aim of divulging and improving the knowledge of the Hanseatic League road network, the Institut für Historische Landesforschung of the University of Göttingen, together with other partners around northern Europe, has started to develop an Historical GIS for this road network. In our presentation we will talk about the characteristics of this Historical GIS and which kind of digital geo-historical analysis will be performed. In particular, among the analysis that are planned, this project aims to develop a model for the estimation of traveling time for merchants through the network.

Madeline Kaupert and Prof. Andreas Busch:
PoliLab 2.0: Analysing Federal Chancellors‘ government declarations since 1949
The PoliLab project intends to make methods of digital text analysis available to political scientists. Two seminars took place under it’s umbrella: In 2017, a cooperation of digital humanists and political scientists analysed selected issues of German national elections. In 2016, the seminar centered around building and analysing federal chancellors‘ government declarations. The talk will give an overview of the project and present the results of the – meanwhile updated - corpus of government declarations.