Puneet Kishor

Visiting Research Fellow SUB/GCDH, Campuslab DCAGG

I am a science researcher and an open access advocate, an engineer and an environmental scientist with expertise in both ‘science for policy’ as well as ‘policy for science.’ I travel to wherever my experience and skills can help make a system, an organization, or a community more open.

My interests are in open sensor-based hardware, ethical issues around citizen-sourced information, licensing open hardware and certification of data quality, novel ways of citizen-engagement, and promoting hacker/maker spaces for learning-by-making, teaching-by-doing. I believe that not only is it possible to be both a practitioner and a policy-person at the same time, in today’s day and age it is the only way to ensure that our work has the highest possibility of making an impact, be it uncovering new knowledge or solving an intractable problem from local to global scales.

I help domain scientists make sense of data by adopting, adapting and creating novel data acquisition, analysis and access techniques. And I work on the policies to create an environment where information is open by default. I serve as an advisor on various scientific projects, and advocate for a more participatory, collaborative way of working in a world where information and analytics are embedded in every aspect of our lives.

Since September 2016, I am a visiting researcher at SUB, exploring their various open science/data initiatives with a focus on visualizing and sharing geospatial information as part of the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH).