, 7:00 pm to

Webmontag is an informal, non-commercial, and decentrally-organised meeting with the aim of connecting all those who are contributing to the future of the Internet. Inspired by the culture of Silicon Valley, Webmontag started at the end of 2005 in Cologne as an attempt to bring some “Californian sunshine” to Germany. Since then, Webmontag has spread and grown fast: there are now meetings in over 40 cities in Germany and Austria, as well as in Sweden, Silicon Valley and online. As a meeting and focal point for local scenes addressing issues relating to Web 2.0 and internet start-ups, Webmontag has organised over 100 events and attracted over 1,000 participants with positive results.

We feel that a university town like Göttingen is still lacking such an informal forum for people who want to exchange ideas about Web 2.0 and 3.0 in a casual atmosphere. The nearest Webmontag takes place in Hanover, which represents relatively long trip. We hope to attract every Monday at 7pm a lively group here in Göttingen around themes to do with the WWW. The Göttingen Webmontag will take place at the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH, Papendiek 16, opposite the Paulinerkirche). We hope to draw participants of the southern Lower Saxony.

Everyone dealing with Web 2.0/3.0 and related topics and interested in sharing their knowledge and exchanging views are most welcome to participate. Whether you are a inventor, engineer, designer, founder or funder – Webmontag is an opportunity to present your new product, service, start-up, or the next great idea to a continuously growing audience of web enthusiasts. Relevant topics are deliberately encompassing and explicitly include neighbouring and fringe areas. Some keywords often associated with Webmontag are:

Accessibility, Aggregation, Ajax, API, Attention, Atom, Barrierefreiheit, Citizen Journalism, Collaboration, Copyleft, Copyright, Coworking, Creative Commons, Design, Digital Rights/Restrictions Management, Django, DRM, E-Democracy, E-Learning, Emerging Technology, Feeds, Flex, FOAF, Folksonomy, Identity, Instant Messaging, Location-based Services, Long Tail, Microformats, Mobile, Multimodal Interactive (Wireless Voice), Open Source, Podcasting, Presence, Privacy, RDF, REST, RFID, RSS, Ruby on Rails, Search, Second Life, Security, Semantic Web, Social Bookmarking, Social Media, Social Networks, Social Software, Spam, Startups, Structured Blogging, Syndication, Tags, Tagging, Turbogears, Usability, Virtual Reality, Vlogging, Video Blogging, Voice over IP (VoIP), Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Weblogs, Web Services, Webdesign, Wikis, Wireless, XFN …

You can find information about the Göttingen Webmontag at the Wiki: (http://webmontag.de/location/goettingen/). It would be helpful if you register your participation for specific dates, in order to plan ahead. Particularly in the beginning, we are encouraging participants to also contribute with short presentations, which you can announce at the Wiki.

We would be very pleased if Webmontag catches on in Göttingen. Please spread the word …

Juan Garcés / Jörg Wettlaufer