GCDH Evening Lecture: Bryan Jurish (BBAW Berlin): Exploring diachronic collocations with DiaCollo

, 6:15 pm to , 7:45 pm

GCDH, Papendiek 16, Göttingen.
Abstract: J. R. Firth's much-quoted principle that "you shall know a word by the company it keeps" has had wide-reaching implications not only for linguistics and lexicography, but also for traditionally hermeneutic disciplines such as history or literary studies. A word's company (its collocates) may however change over time, reflecting changes in that word's meaning and/or in the focus of the discourse in which it is embedded. Traditional collocation extractors treat the underlying text corpus as a homogenous whole, and thus cannot adequately account for such diachronic changes in a word's collocation behavior. This lecture will describe the technical underpinnings of the DiaCollo software and demonstrate its application with several concrete examples.