Brown Bag Lunch / Campuslabor Digitalisierung

, 12:15 pm to

Papendiek 16 (GCDH), Seminarraum 1
Topic: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Mauricio Nicolas Vergara (guest student GCDH)
“GIS-Based Approach for the Study of Avalanche Incidents in the Alps during the First World War”
An outline of the materials and methods that could be implemented

Avalanches in the Alpine Front during the First World War were sometimes more lethal than the weapons of the opposing army, thus represent an interesting subject of study for the analysis of the relationship between the natural environment and history. In my presentation I will introduce my project, which I am currently developing, about the importance of this natural phenomenon in the history of the Alpine Front. In particular, I will outline which materials and methods could be implemented for GIS visualization and analysis in order to gain knowledge concerning which were the causes and consequences of avalanche incidents.

Puneet Kishor (visiting Research Fellow SUB/GCDH)

Provisional title: "Comparison of recent developments in the spatial sciences and the medical/health sector"